1220mm MDF Panel Embossing Machine

1220mm MDF Panel Embossing Machine

Model No.︰TW-1300


Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 38800 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

1220mm Wide MDF Panel Embossing Machine

MDF / HDF / Plywood / Wood Panel Embossing Machine

This embossing machine is widely used for embossing patterns on solid wooden boards, MDF boards, Plywood, HDF and other decorative wood panels.

Parameters of TW1300 Decorative MDF / Hardboard / HDF / Plywood Board Embossing Machine

1. Embossing Width: 1220mm (one-side or double side embossing)
2. Depth of overall embossing: 0.4-0.7mm
3. Distance between two rollers: 5-60mm
4. Diameter of embossing roller: 400mm
5. Embossing speed: 0-15m/min, controlled by VVVF inverter (made in China)
6. Embossing depth adjustment:Using hydraulic press and manual fine-tuning(with the pressure protecting device)
7. Material of the embossing roller:45#40C2Steel, engraved by CNC technology, hard chromium plating on the surface
8. The embossing roller is made of the seamless steel pipe, and the thickness of pipe is 30mm.
9. The height of the front and rear workbench is adjustable (by the manual wheel)
10. Roller heating power:15KW (electrical heated by the rotary electric conductive ring)
11. Embossing main motor power:5kw
12. The embossing material-supplier is equipped with a buffer device (oil cylinder is with the buffer) working pressure: 1-15Mpa

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