High Speed Slitting Machine and Slitting Line:
Technical Parameters of the Machine:
1)Machine Type: Round Blade type slitting machine.
2)Raw Material: Stainless steel of strength 50kg/mm2.
3)Cutting Strength: 650N/mm2.
4)Coil Thickness: 0.5-3mm.
5)Inner Dia.: 508mm.
6)Outter Dia.: 1600mm.
7)Coil Weight: Max. 20T
8)Coil Width: 1500mm Max.
9)Min Strip Width: 70mm.
10)Max Stips: 20 strips.
11)Width Tolerance: 0.1mm.
12)Speed:100m/minute Max.
13)Power:60 KW.
14)Area: about 22mx6m.

K Style Gutter Roll Forming Machine,
Technical Parameters of the Machine:
1) Line structure: Fixed Type;
2) Forming Roller Stations: 14 Stations;
3) Forming Roller shaft: diameter60mm;
4) Forming rollers: GCr15, Quenching, hardness HRC56-62;
5) Forming Speed:12 meters / min;
6) Main motor:7.5kw;
7) Material of Sheet:  Soft Quality (Annealed) Galvanized Sheet;
8) Sheet Thickness:0.4 to 0.6 m;
9) Cutting mode:  hydraulic cutting;
10) Total Gross Weight:About 6000kgs;
11) Line size (Lx w x h):6000 mm×1000 mm×1100 mm.

Bemo Sheet Roll Forming Machine:
Technical Parameters of the Machine:
1) Thickness of Material:0.8mm-1.2mm;
2) Effective Width:305mm, 400mm and 500mm;
3) Coil Weight: 5 Tons;
4) Roll Stations: 16 stations;
5) Forming Speed: 10-12m/min;
6) Main Power: 5.5 KW;
7) Diamension of the machine: 8200mmx1200mmx1100mm;
8) Weight of the Machine: 3-4 Tons;

Machine: Light Steel Keel Roll Forming Machine Line:
Technical Data
1) Machine capacity: width:8804;150mm, thickness:0.5-1mm
2) Product speed: 0-20m/min
3) Total power: about 9.5kw
4) Occupy ground area: length 12m x width 2m
5) De-coiler: Inner expanding type.
6) Roll forming machine
7) Rack frame: Overall steel plate structure
8) Roll forming rack: 12 sets
9) The diameter of the roller axis: 50mm, roller surface:150mm
10) Material: 40Cr quenching treatment HB280
11) Drive type: Chain drive
12) Main power: 5.5kw timing electromotor
13) Material: GCr15, Quenching, Hardness:HRC58-62
14) Assistant roller rack: 2sets
15) Adjust part: Turkey emendation type(three-dimensional emendation)
16) Cutting-to-length system: Hydraulic cutting, Hydraulic pumping station electromotor power: 3K.

Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine,
Z Channel Steel Roll Forming Machine,

Technical Parameters of the Machine:
1) Material coil inner diameter: 450mm-700mm;
2) Max coil width: 640mm;
3) Carrying capacity: 5T;
4) Forming speed: 8-12m/min;
5) Panasonic Control Box: 1 set;
6) Overall Dimensions: 7500mmX920mmX1300mm;
7) Toatal Weight: 6.5 T;
8) Main Motor Power: 18.5 KW.

Hat Purlin Roll Forming Machine:
1) External/fix dimensions: 12000mmX1100mmX1500mm;
2) Total weight: about 7500kg;
3) Main motor power: 15KW;
4) Hydraulic station power: 7.5kw;
5) Roller stand: 18 step;
6) Max operation rate: 10m/min;
7) Production type: height 70,130,170mm;
8) Tolerance: more or less than1.5mm;
9) PLC controlled, Touch screen HMI, Converter speed control;

Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine,
1). Material thickness (mm): 1.9/2.25
2). Coil width Max: 400mm;
3). Product Dimension: M100×105
4). Forming Speed: Max 10-15m/min;
5). Main Motor: 22KW, 3 Phases380V, 60Hz;
6). Reducer: Cycloid Pin;
7). Forming Stations: 20 stations;
8). Distance B/t Stations: 550 mm;
9). Roller Material: GCr15, HRC56-60;
10). Shaft Material: No. 45, Tempering Treatment;
11). Diameter of the Shaft 80, Surface Milled;
12). Driving Shaft: EQ140 Universal Shafts;
13). Gear Box: GY170 Equal Geared;

Rack Beam System Roll Forming Machine:
1) Technical Datas:
Efficient performance
Requires low maintenance
Improved speed
High production capacity
Automatic controls
User friendly
2) Components of a Machine :
Power Press / Punching die set
Hydraulic automatic cut-off
PLC automatic control cabinet
Leveling Unit / NC Feeder
Roll forming machine
Products Stacker

Standing Seam Panel Roll Forming Machine,
Technical Parameters of the Machine:
1) Raw Material: Aluminum Coils;
2) Material Width: under clients' requirements;
3) Effective Width:600mm Max;
4) Thickness: 0.8-1.2mm;
5) Working Speed: 6-8m/min;
6) Roll Station: 14 stations;
7) Transmission: driven by Chain Gear;
8) Power: 5.5KW;
9) Stiffening Rib Roll Former 1 set;
10) Roll Station: 4 stations;
11) Simple Splitter: with Cutter Head Adjustable.

Hydraulic Roof Crimping Machine,
Technical Parameters of the Machine:
1) The machine is used for bending or curving the flat sheet into arc shape sheet,
2) Raw material thickness:0.3--0.8mm,
3) Speed of Arc Line:10-12m/min(adjustable),
4) Size:950mm × 1200mm × 2500mm,
5) total weight: about 2200K,
6) Control: Panosonic PLC computer control ( frequency converter),

Cut to Length Machine(Cross Cutting Machine)
 Main Technical Datas:
1) Material: 1300mm width and max 2 mm thickness coil steel
2)  Rolling Speed: 10~20M/min
3) Straightener: Apply high quality Cr15 forging steel quenched
4) Power of Cut-to-Length: 5.5kw
5) Motor Power: 5.5kw
6) PLC Systems: Computer box 1 piece(PLC Touching Screen. Encoder. Transducer. Panasonic Brand)
7) Hydraulic Uncoiler: 1 set (7 tons)
8) Run-out Table: 2 pieces (6m)
9) Flow Chart: Uncoiler---Feeding---Guiding---Straightening---Cutting